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ALL Inspiration POSTS

ALL Inspiration POSTS

In the majority of my posts, I have been focusing on the concepts of healthy life such as Addiction,Smoking, and many others.To... Read more

Did you know that your land will only be yours for 99 years? Are you aware that you might be able to claim ownership of your great... Read more

8:32 pm, Thursday, February 19th - Daddy hit me. Mummy told me this would happen if she ever went missing.4:17 pm, Wednesday, Jul... Read more

He was the best thing that had ever happened to her.Or, at least that's what she'd thought.How wrong she was.I keep asking myself ... Read more

How I live like this I will never understand.I can never get a moments rest.Half of the time, it feels like I have offended the wo... Read more

....I want to quickly remind you that, overthinking can easily cause depression.------And the truth is------Depression kills faste... Read more

I once dreamt of a landon a lost islandfaraway from human civilizationnever had I seen anything so compellingyet so horrifically ... Read more

Ouch, A pinch brought me out of where I wasWhere was I, who was I, i suddenly felt the urge to sighOoooff, it was my birthday, I w... Read more

5 fundamental Truths That Will Change Your LifeIts surprising how easy it is to lose sight of the important things in life. Busy ... Read more

 Have you ever felt the urge to tell your story but don't know how to begin?Do you appreciate the literary works of others bu... Read more

How To Accomplish Something Easily - If you snooze, you lose.Welcome to my world dear reader!You made a nice decision to scroll th... Read more

1.By meeting with your creator, the giver of purposethrough prayers and Study Psalms 36:9In your light we see light!  In... Read more

Surely you have heard the adage, "Opportunities only present themselves once," but I am here to tell you otherwise. We have no ide... Read more

People hike solo for many reasons. It could be for the love of nature, or the need to leave the whole world behind for a while and... Read more

The football superstar and his girlfriend were out in LA for  a romantic evening when he  got down on one knee and poppe... Read more

At the beginning of the year, many of us create New Year resolutions. We think about what we didn't or didn't accomplish last year... Read more

The Federal Road Safety personal reports that the heavy duty trucks crashed yesterday at  Chiromawa town, along the Kano-Zari... Read more

This is a picture of a young boy thirsty an  desperate to drink water, I can imagine the level of thirst he felt to drink tha... Read more

Christmas is a truly magical time of the year that comes with lots of cheers, laughter,parties, gifts exchange and sometimes eve... Read more

Flowers, balloons and teddy tributes to Sylvester Oromoni line in front of Dowen College    ... Read more

Why start small when you can go big? One of the most controversial perceptions about achieving what we want in life is to think bi... Read more

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