Alot of people believes that if they are not given the accurate time for communication then they are not being loved. Some says their partner giving excuse for not answering their call or not replying their messages or for not creating time to visit them, shows how the person isn't interested in the relationship anymore.

Communication is about listening, talking, and understanding. It is the hallmark for a strong and lasting relationship, when we don't talk for some days with our partners giving one excuse or the other, most times the excuses maybe unnecessary and unreasonable, it can even show that we don't care about the relationship anymore. some of the excuse given from people when they missed our call and didn't call back or they forgot to call at all, are;

I was busy with work.

I was busy Cooking, I don't carry my phone while am in the kitchen

I went to church, I can't call you when am in church, it isn't right.

I was with my Parents they doesn't tolerate me being on my phone when am with them.

Today I had to spend it with my male or female friends, you know I can't forget about them.

We chatted already why should I call you again.

I saw you this morning, so there isn't any need to call you again.

We had family Meeting, and things came up, so I couldn't remember to call you.

Calling you would take away my precious time to get more money.

I was in an event, all the task was on me, so I couldn't reach out to you or call you.

I came back by 12am cause of traffic, by then you would have slept off, I didn't want to disturb you.

You sent too many text, after replying them, I didn't see any need to call you anymore.

I was using the shower when you call, when I was out from the bathroom, I forgot to call cause I was late to work, so I had to rush.

Even if I don't call or even send messages to you, you should understand my situation more than I understand it.

Most of these excuses looks rude, irrelevant and Shows that Our partner have lost interest in the relationship, it also shows that you are not important to your partner. Healthy communication helps partners to know each other more, to grow trust, avoid misunderstanding, support each other, strengthens respect, and prevent guess work. We also need to work together to ensure proper and healthy communication.

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