Adulthood can be sketchy, especially when it comes to dealing with your sexual urges when you have determine to stay celibate to a particular time.

Everyone will agree with me that celibacy doesn't at any point agree with bodily grains, like your mind is saying no I want to wait but your body is saying something else.

It is possible your mind is tuned to being celibate but what do you do when your fights against that decision? There are times when it will be nearly impossible to keep your urges under control and in such situations these tips I am going to be sharing with you will help you pull through.

1 Don't Dwell on it rather Get Busy: Moments will come, you know those shaky periods and it will feel unbearable, what you need to do is to get your mind off it.

Get yourself doing what will distract you from feeding that feeling, probably take a walk, get engaged in exercise, do something else just make sure you get yourself hooked up with what can distract you from the urge. Like the popular saying an idle mind is the devil's workshop.

2 Guard your space: Never trust yourself and know when to run, it is better you don't start at all rather than looking for a way to stop at the middle, remember na from clap dance dey start. Make sure you away and keep at the barest minimum level what can trigger your emotions be it movies, songs, books, talks anything at all. And for touchy people in relationships it's better you meet up at open places to avoid mistakes that might break you.

3. Talk to someone: You might want to talk to someone you trust at a certain stage of your life, you might need a shoulder to lean on to be able to carry on.

Over all, Be disciplined, self discipline can never be overemphasized. To achieve any Target or height discipline is needed.

PS: AND I KNOW YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THE MAGIC OF A COLD SHOWER, YES.A cold shower does a fantastic job in calming your urges, you might as well need a cold shower first. Winks.

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