iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max which is currently one amonge the most expensive phones in the market.

The new 6.7-inch size iPhone 14 is called the "iPhone 14 Plus. Apple's iPhone 14 models are identical in design to the iPhone 13 models, featuring flat edges, an aerospace-grade aluminum enclosure, and a glass back that enables wireless charging.

The new iPhone 14 models come in 5 different colors blue, purple, midnight, starlight, and RED. The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus continue to have a notch at the top of the display that houses the TrueDepth camera. just Like the iPhone 13 models, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus include Super Retina XDR OLED displays that support 1200 nits peak brightness.

Water and Dust Resistance

The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus have an IP68 rating for resistance to water and dust intrusion. The smartphones are able to withstand a depth of up to six meters (19.7 feet) for up to 30 minutes.

In the IP68 number, the 6 refers to dust resistance (and means the iPhone 14 can hold up to dirt, dust, and other particulates), while the 8 pertains to water resistance. IP6x is the highest dust resistance rating that exists. With the IP68 rating, the iPhone 14 can hold up to splashes, rain, and accidental water exposure, but intentional water exposure should be avoided.

Water and dust resistance are not permanent conditions, according to Apple, and can deteriorate over time as a result of normal wear. Apple's standard warranty does not cover liquid damage, which means it's best to use caution when it comes to liquid exposure.


There have been no updates to the display with the iPhone 14 models compared to the prior-generation iPhone 13 models. The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus feature an OLED Super Retina XDR display with a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio for blacker blacks and brighter whites, and up to 1200 nits peak brightness for HDR photos, videos, TV shows, and movies. The iPhone 14 has a resolution of 2532 by 1170 with 460 pixels per inch, while the iPhone 14 Plus has a resolution of 2778 by 1284 with 458 pixels per inch.

Dual-Lens Rear Camera

The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus are equipped with a dual-lens camera setup that features both a 12-megapixel Wide lens, which Apple now calls the "Main" lens, and a 12-megapixel Ultra Wide lens.

Apple has updated the Main camera with an /1.5 aperture, an improvement over the /1.6 aperture used in the iPhone 13 camera. The new lens, which also has a larger sensor, lets in more light for better improvement in poor lighting conditions. Apple says the new Main camera lets in 49 percent more light than the iPhone 13 camera.

The Ultra Wide camera has not been updated, and there is no Telephoto lens like there is with the 14 Pro and Pro Max. The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus are limited to 2x optical zoom out and digital zoom up to 5x.

Video Capabilities

The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus offer up to 4K video recording at 24, 25, 30, or 60 fps. HDR recording, ProRes video, slo-mo video, and time-lapse are all supported.

Apple added a new Action mode that's designed to provide smooth-looking video that ignores shakes, motion, and vibrations. Action mode records at up to 2.8K at 60 frames per second.

Battery Life

There is a 3,279mAh battery in the iPhone 14, which is a bit larger than the battery from the prior-generation iPhone 13. The iPhone 14 Plus has a 4,325mAh battery. The iPhone 14 offers up to 20 hours of battery life for video playback, up to 16 hours for streaming video playback, and up to 80 hours for audio playback, which is an improvement over the iPhone 13 by about an hour.

5G Connectivity

The iPhone 14 models are equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 modem that supports 5G connectivity. In the United States, iPhone owners can connect to both mmWave and sub-6GHz networks, while other countries are limited to sub-6GHz. 

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