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How to get job Interviews

1 Register with Job sites: You wont get job opportunities if you dont see job opportunities. Register with job sites, LinkedIn, join WhatsApp Groups.  

Select the type of jobs alerts you want to avoid seeing jobs you are not interested in. This is the first step you must take.

2. Get your CV in order: Employers are discouraged when they sight a CV that is not in order or up to standards. If your CV is in shape, employers will be interested to meet you.

3. Apply for at least 5 Jobs daily: The more you apply, the better your chances of being invited for an interview. Make it a duty to apply for at least five jobs daily.

4. Use Cover letters to apply: 65% of candidates who apply with cover letters have higher chances of getting called for an interview. Cover letter shows that you are really interested in working with them. Make sure you include things that relate to the job description in your cover letter.

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