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1.By meeting with your creator, the giver of purpose

through prayers and Study


Psalms 36:9

In your light we see light!  

In his light,we see light

Anyone that's going to make a catch must have a deep

search.Your word is a lamp to my feet and a lamp to my path....Engaging in strategic prayers and Study of God's word and anointed books is the first answer to knowing your purpose.


2.Paying attention to the burdens on your heart


God speak to us by putting burdens upon us,

If you unwrap the burden,you will see what God is asking of you.Burden is a thought place on your heart by God.You can't wave them until you are able to discern and do something about them

Don't forget also,

Burden are bounded by time!


3.By paying so much attention to what gets you angry.


You see,anger is created by God but channeling it to a wrong thing is what makes it a sin.

You can pay attention to the things that gets you angry and that maybe God is pointing your purpose to you.

Moses was always angry any time he sees the Egyptians

maltreat the Israelites, he even killed one.

Remember God gave him a message of deliverance.

Anger is powerful!  

Anytime you hear rape an anger rises in you, that's God pointing something to you.

Be Sensitive!!!

Your anger is always where your anointing is.  

Pay attention to your anger!

David heard Goliath speaking something against God and his anger rose.

That was it,it doesn't matter what age he was.  

Everyone carries a message that can solve every single problem and more on earth.


4. What do you love to always talk about?


Paying attention to what you love talking about is also a direct clue to discovering your purpose. Jesus was found in the temple discussing and debating with elders and learned men when he was just twelve years. Find out what you love to always talk about, it will tell you something, definitely!


5. What can you give your all to?


What can you give your all to, or what can you die for? If you haven't discovered what to die for then what are you living for? Jesus died for the sin of humanity, that was what he was actually living to do, to die! Martin Luther king Jr. also lived his life to die in order to eradicate the black race oppression amongst the white. What can you give your all to? To which course can you pour your all? Find out and you're on your way to discover why you're living.


(5) Comments

(5) Comments

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By Immaculate2022-11-28

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By Adetayo 2022-11-28

Nice stuff

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