How To Accomplish Something Easily - If you snooze, you lose.

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The English Dictionary defined accomplishment as something remarkable that has been done or achieved.

We all want to ball in achievement, accomplish our goals, and be fulfilled.

But how do we achieve this feat easily?

You can agree with me that our interest span starts fading when we start working on a project for longer periods and at most, we end up abandoning the project even though it is a ticket to our success and inner happiness.

Are you in this shoe? Do you want to step up your game? Worry no more, you're in the right place.

These are the steps that will help you accomplish something easily.

1. Time management:

This is the act of organizing one's time between a range of activities to accelerate effectiveness and increase productivity.

If you don't have regard for time, you won't achieve something great. Read that again.

You must allocate a time frame to your project by starting with the most challenging one. The Promodoro technique may help you achieve this. What is the Promodoro technique all about? It is a time management method where you give maximum attention to a project for 25 minutes and take a break for 5 minutes. Learn to make use of your time very well.

2. Reward yourself after completing a particular task:

reward is defined as a prize promised for a deed.

Write down what you will reward yourself with after completing a challenging task or project. It could be seeing a movie, buying a gift for yourself, going on sightseeing, or traveling. This alone excites you and keeps you focused on the goal.

3. Get rid of all forms of distractions:

Studies have shown that human attentional focus is small and we get to be distracted easily. With the presence of technology, we tend to be distracted while doing our tasks.

It's best to get rid of your phones or freeze your social media apps like TikTok, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or anything that will project a distraction to your task at hand. It's best to work in a serene environment with a heart warming background music.

4. Implore the use of Focus Tools:

Focus tools can help you have excellent task accomplishment. The world has evolved greatly and with the presence of the internet, you can easily make your work easier to carry out

Just with your smartphone, download planning apps on your play store and make use of it. I love using "My Daily Planner App". You should try a planning app today. It helps keep you disciplined and focused.

5. Just start: Do you know that every small achievement compounds to a great breakthrough? Don't wait until everything is well with you. Just start building with the little you've. Start brainstorming on how to build that company today. Just START.

Finally, till I write to you again, I hope you will put all this candid advice into practice. I hope you will say no to procrastination. I hope you will stop giving excuses and start achieving.

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(1) Comment

(1) Comment

By Nnamdi2022-12-09

This information is really nice and if one can be disciplined enough to put it into practice then achievement is not far

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