I crave a feeling I know nothing of

I desire something I own no words to explain

A longing that refuses to be quenched

An unending want

I'm walking in the darkness

With my arms out in front of me

Looking for something I might not be able to recognise

I stub my foot, I hit my head

I miss my step, and I fall to the floor

It hurts

But I'm up again with my arms in front of me

Searching endlessly in this darkness

For something I own no words to define

And I think to myself

An appetite for a meal I haven't eaten

A longing for fondness like some kitten

I know not what it feels, looks, or taste like

Yet I keep walking in the dark searching without sight

I know not how many miles I've covered

I know not how many miles are left

I know not if I'm making progress

I know not if I've been walking in circles

I know not if I have ever had it

I crave a feeling I know nothing of,

So how do I know when I find it?


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