Bandits have killed a commercial driver along Funtua-Dandume road and reportedly abducted several passengers.


It was gathered that the attack, which occurred around 7:45pm on Sunday, September 18, 2022, involved commuters from both Funtua and Dandume.


A commercial car driver plying axis, Bello Halilu, said he passed through the scene immediately after the incident.


"The incident happened at Kwanar Gamji around Hawan-Fulani. The bandits lay in ambush and opened fire at the moving vehicles, killing one driver and abducting an unspecified number of passengers. Some that escaped spent their night inside farms," he told Daily Trust. 


"Halilu added that because of the insecurity bedeviling the area, the roas is usually deserted except on market days. 


"Like yesterday (Sunday), some drivers manage to ply the route to cash in the booming economic activities in this harvest season, he added.


Alhaji Habibu, a Volkswagen Golf driver who sustained gunshot injuries and was admitted in Funtua General Hospital, said none of his passengers were abducted.


"When I ran into the bandits ambush, they already grounded one commercial vehicle and abducted its passengers; they shot at my car, a bullet struck me in the leg but I managed to speed up for about two kilometers before I lost strength and parked. Police from the Dandume division later came and took me to the hospital, he said.


Spokesperson of the State Police Command, SP Gambo Isah, who confirmed the incident said three vehicles were involved, adding that two drivers and a passenger were shot.


"One of the drivers died, the other two victims were taken to the hospital. No record of any abducted passenger yet, he said.

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