Afrobeats sensation Burna Boy has voiced his opinion on Davido's marriage, suggesting that it is not an ideal example to follow. His comments came after a fan urged him to consider getting married soon, using Davido as a reference point.


Burna Boy's remarks appear to be a response to the ongoing child custody battle between Davido and his first baby mama, Sophia Momodu, as well as the recent controversy surrounding the tragic death of his son, Ifeanyi. He implied that Davido's personal and marital issues make his marriage an undesirable model to emulate.


In contrast, Burna Boy agreed with a fan who proposed Adekunle Gold's marriage as a more suitable example to aspire to. The Grammy-winning artist expressed this sentiment on his X page, writing, "'Odogwu too wise' who no hear go feel."


The conversation began when an X user with the handle @BadLieutenant encouraged Burna Boy to start planning for his future by getting married and starting a family. The user mentioned, "Burna Boy, you should start planning for your future by getting married and starting a family. OBO has already set an example. You’re over 33 now, and you need to understand that you’re not getting any younger."


Burna Boy responded, "Baba make I just dey as I dey abeg, u nor see wetin him dey face like dis?" suggesting that he preferred to stay single given the challenges Davido is currently facing.


Another user, @RealDreylo, criticized Burna Boy's response, saying, "You can’t even answer a question like a reasonable person. LOL. Just big head and plenty beards."


Burna Boy replied, "Ok. But between me and you, Shey na betta example the guy use?" questioning whether Davido's situation was truly a positive example to follow.


When a user named @SunOfOba asked, "Adekunle Gold na better example?" Burna Boy confirmed, "Ehen! Na wetin we dey pray for be that bros," indicating that Adekunle Gold's marriage is the kind of relationship he admires and aspires to.


Burna Boy's candid comments have sparked discussions among fans, highlighting differing perspectives on marriage and personal life choices within the Afrobeats community.

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