As I discussed with one of the secondary school teacher Malam Garba, "we are expecting to resume back in the month of September" he said.

Can you mentioned me the various challenges that you are facing?

Of course there were a lot of problems we are facing.  


1. " Lack of guidance from parents during holidays students are just playing without a little bit of time for extra moral lessons that is the reason when we resumed back, if you do the internal observation of the class room must of the pupils including Ladies students lost about 76% of their previous lesson at all, as he said.


 2. He annexed that " Most of the government schools we have deficiency of perpetual personnel even the volitional teachers now are not heap, one staff can take more than five subjects twain Junior and Senior sections and also the class is over colonized.


  Apart of progenitors the Zarah's Father said that " My daughter of 17years old she is in bottommost year and I don't have bellyful of bucks to reimburse for her S.S.C.E examination  that is why I'm anticipating to authorize someone to exposed her.


    Previously I am the only one, who is garnering the imperative of my kinfolk. I can recompense more than 40,000 Naira for my solitary Child, but now due to the postured including storming session no purchasers in our barter we are just maintaining, a lot of my child they sidelined to school.


     One of the female secondary personnel she proclaimed that "We are facing dearth of muliebrous  teachers in uttermost  of the government girls secondary school in Kano, we are all know that senorita are the guidance of all part of the locality and some of the girls issues or needs, the female educationist are supposed to help not male educationist even doctors in hospitals.

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