Suga Suga starts with Felix(Mc Mbakara),the job hunter who goes ahead to woefully fail his interview.Meanwhile at another residence,Barnabas(Charles Inozie) and Ovie (Gregory Ojefina) are discussing who will follow which Oga.

It turns out that Madam of the house,Ireti(Ayo Adesanya) caught her husband cheating again with a street girl.She is fed up and decides to pack out of the house. Their kids are also subtly mad at their dad,Dr.Durojaiye(Taiwo Obileye).

While the son,Aaron,(Wole Ojo)decides to leave with his mum,the daughter,Becky(Priscilla Okpara) decides to stay with her father.So it is settled that Ovie drives Ireti while Banabas will remain as a driver to Dr.Durojaiye.

It turns out that Felix and Ovie share thesame apartment and they discuss about the economy being unfair to graduates and other related issues. 

Aaron asks his mum to forgive his dad but his mum remains obstinate because this is not the first time she has caught him doing such.She catches him looking at the maids ass and warns him not to become like his father.She tells him it's time for him to get a good wife and settle down.

Later on Dr.Durojaiye comes to the house to beg his son to intercede on his behalf. Aaron says there is no point because mum has refused to forgive him this time.To get into his son's good books,Dr.Durojaiye asks Aaron to come with him for some shopping.Aaron half heartedly agrees.

While shopping they both meet thesame lady,April (Tama Adelana),but at different times.While Aaron goes with the gentleman approach of asking for her contacts,Dr.Durojaiye goes with the sugar daddy approach of giving her his card and asking her to call him.

Felix, our job hunter ,sees a vacancy for a house maid job and devises an ingenious plan to dress as a female.Comically,everyone falls for it except Barnabas who is more irritated than suspicious because the new househelp Felixcia does not give him feminine vibes.

Becky tells her dad that she's going out on a friendly date with an older man,Chief Wama(Christian Paul) and Dr.Durojaiye is visibly worried even asking Barnabas and Felixcia to accompany her to the venue and report her every move.

Turns out that Aaron and April are also at thesame venue for their first date and the four of them have dinner together.Chief Wama tries to stylishly hit on April but she outs him and it causes a little altercation between him and Aaron.

Becky is disappointed and even goes to cry to her father asking him why men are like that. Later that night,after dropping her at her house,Aaron kisses April and she warns him not to take it for granted. 

As days pass,April remembers Dr.Durojaiye's card and calls him.He is excited to hear her voice and asks her out to dinner.She says she will think about it and he sends her some money to fuel her millions.

April's friend encourages her to better keep him tight oh but April still has her doubts. They have breakfast together and just as he drops her off,Aaron stops by her house. They miss each other by a minute. 

Not long after that,Aaron introduces April to his mum as the one he wants to settle down with and his mum,Ireti is visibly pleased.Another time,April visits Aaron unannounced and finds another girl in his room and barges out of the house. 

Ireti is disppointed in her son.Aaron goes to April's house to beg but she's not ready to forgive him yet.During this period she reaches out to Dr.Durojaiye once again.

After seeing that her son is visibly upset by April's absence,Ireti decides to talk to April by herself.She gets to April's house only to see her husband kneeling while begging April for---sex.

At this point,Ireti is enraged and she calls her husband out for stooping so low to sleep with his son's fiancee.The confusion on April's and Dr.Durojaiye's face is well expected. 

Ireti relays the news to her son who does not take it too well but he knows he is also guilty.

 They have a family meeting where Dr.Durojaiye sincerely apologises for every thing and insists that he did not sleep with April.After some reasons are exposed with Ireti also being at fault,the two old birds reconcile.

 Aaron goes to April's house to properly apologise and propose.She accepts.

Ireti has moved back into the house and they are having a family dinner with April,the drivers and house maid Felixcia present.

Ovie ia shocked to see Felix --Felixcia there and asks him why he is there. Barnabas suspicions are confirmed that there is something indeed wrong with Felixcia .The family is astounded but Felix whose wig and fake boobs have now been removed begs for forgiveness and understanding. 

Ireti tells him it's okay,but he doesn't need to dress like a woman to work for them. He thanks her happily and continues to serve them. It's a happy win for everybody. 


Somehow I feel like Ayo Adesanya  (playing Ireti )and MC Mbakara (playing Felix) were the main characters of the movie because the plot mainly revolved around them

I commend the use of Nigerian music as the soundtracks for different scenes in the movie by the crew.

Dr.Durojaiye getting  worried about the age of the man his daughter was going on a date with was quite ironical as he himself was known to cheat on his wife with other girls young enough to be his daughters.

I also think April did a good job by not allowing Dr.Durojaiye's money to sway her into sleeping with him.

It was nice seeing Vivian Anani from One Love show back in the day as the interviewer who actually exercised a lot of patience with Felix in the beginning.

 It was my first time seeing MC Mbakara in the film.His line delivery was unique and he did a great job.

The movie Suga Suga delivers on a comic level.It is not outright humurous but it can cheer you up on a sad day.

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