We used to have a lot of bigger living things on the earth a long, long time ago. Historical records, fossils and some larger than expected creatures show the evidence of snakes and insects as large as hills, and trees that went miles upwards. Even larger than life humans called giants. But what happened to them?

 The thing is, Earth was in a state of bliss at that time as nature was thriving. There was more than enough oxygen to aid plants and other living things to get to their maximum potential, hence their scary size.

 Due to the rising of industries, which led to pollution, and which in turn led to reduced oxygen intake, these trees did not get as much as they need and they gradually started to reduce in size. You know, just as humans get stunted growth or deformities when they do not get enough of each nutrients.

 At this point, the biggest tree in the world stands at 380 feet, which is not so impressive when compared to the older ones. All we have left now are giant tree stumps masquerading as mountains. A lot of us have heard or read about them; The Devil's Tower being the most popular od them all. Most scientists would argue that they are naturally occurring mountains, and the fact that they bear visual similarities with the tree stumps we see today are just coincidences, right?


 Studies have shown that it does not take that long for wood to become stone, especially when exposed to certain conditions. Conditions such as the mud flood could have easily turned the wood to stone and that is why they stand as stone. It really isn't that hard to imagine, or understand, is it? We had giants, we had giant animals too, and dragons (or dinosaurs as the scientists like to call them). What did they feed on?

 Is it not common sense to believe that they fed on crops befitting their size? At this point, it's not so hard to believe that~

 Some mountains are just remains of the giant trees we used to have.






















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