A lot of people have asked me:

"Atilla, why do you always talk about making money like it's easy? Why are you always talking about re-wiring your brain to make money? Do you really think that it's that easy?'

 Yes, I think it is that easy because it is!

 Are you a student? A stay-at-home mother? Or are you just that random person who wants extra money to buy an item that you saw in that store last week?

 Most people are unable to make money because they have negative thoughts about themselves when it comes to that aspect. Or simply because they do not know how to think or what to do when it's about money.

 In this article, I would be highlighting the steps that one needs to take to re-wire their brain into a more productive version to aid them with money making. 


~Set a goal of how much money you'd need to make: The driving force behind it all. Just how much do you want to make?

~Prioritize your goal: Just how much are you willing to risk to achieve your goal? What would you give up to get it?

~Make a plan on how to achieve your goal: Do not think about it with the mindset of a loser. Plan your steps out in the way that is best for you. Note that I did not say Easier for you, as what's best for us is not always the most simple thing to do.

~Set a deadline: Most people work better with deadlines. It is easier to pay more attention to a project when you know that there is a due date. Deadlines have helped people achieve their goals more often than not.

~Put the previous steps into written form: Putting the previous steps into writing gives one a feeling of solidification, and makes the goals become more real. A great way to look back and checkmate oneself when you feel like you're falling out of place or need help with motivation. Motivate yourself with that.

~Repeat the statements to yourself everyday: Laws of affirmation and stuff, just like how subliminals work. Personally, I repeat mine in front of the mirror to solidify them. These things do not seem to make sense at first, but after practicing them, you'd notice that they work effectively.

You're welcome in advance! ^^

 My next post would be talking about lucrative businesses and remote money making opportunities. 

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