DelGaudio blurs the lines between the art forms and engages the audience on a deep, philosophical level, tapping into a spectrum of emotions along the way, with moments of sorrows and regret a well as humor and joy. Generally, the final product explores identity, stories and how our experiencesreal nor imagined, fact or fictionshapes us.

One does have to cling down deep and remember feelings and moments and why certain things in our lives happen. We are gathering, every day, every time, pieces of ourselves. And there is always a probability or a risk factor towards something we do. There is always something we lose or give up. We come to understand that people; You, I, often times than not, if not always, do not talk about the why factor. We need to ask ourselves more of the why factors. Why do we need to be seen? Why do we need to see others? Why do we talk the way we do? We do we behave the way we do? Why are things the way they are? Why do we want people to identify us in a certain way? Why do people even identify us only a certain way? Why do we hide ourselves? Why do we so over protective of ourselves? Why do we keep secrets? And here is the thing about secrets; every secret has a unit weight to it, and we can only carry them for so long. Why do we think the way we think? Why are we not proud of ourselves? Most of us do not even celebrate our little wins. Why are we scared of making mistakes? Isnt it how we learn? Mistakes doesnt define us. Why do we limit ourselves? Why do we have doubts about ourselves? Why are we scared to express ourselves? Why dont we speak up? Why do we not see that our identity is our super power? Here are a few whys. Personally, these are ways DelGaudios In and Of Itself spoke to me. These are deep questions. Now, these whys help us question ourselves and in questioning ourselves, we can understand better, who we really are. We can understand better, our identity. We can understand better, our truth. In asking ourselves these questions, we get to understand that people do not care about us because they do not know anything about us. Just like the story of the brick narrated in the show. We should define ourselves before others do. And we are not just one thing.

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