It was time again so I went and sat at my reading table

I prefer the nighttime

I had come to love the melody of the moon

The harmonic silence it brings

It was easier to collect my thoughts,

To write as I feel since I had been rid of speech

To commune with you

There I was on my reading table

Thinking about what I should write

And it went dark

I had thought it was the power outage and I tried to get up and find the torch would seem the light in my eyes had gone

I tripped over something and fell on the floor

It hurt.

But that was the least of my worries

I sat in lotus style and felt my eyelids if they were shut

They weren't, but closing or opening them made no difference

I crawled to find my pen

To at least scribble what I had in my head before lights out

I searched and searched

The walls of my home seemed to have collapsed

So much space and so much darkness

You'll think it's dark when you close your eyes,

But do you know the darkness blind people see?

I sat down and took a breath

Lost my pen and lost my sight

Lesson to learn after I lost my insight

I listened

I found harmony in every thing

It was like I was given a blank canvas,

A blank one, no colour

And every little sound would paint an image into the nothingness

The little sounds we ignore

Seemed to be amplified as I tried to use them to picture what was happening

I listened

I imagined the crickets rubbing wings -chirping

I pictured the frogs bloating their throats- croaking

The rustling of the leaves

And the soft howls the wind brings,

My heartbeat

I don't know how long I had been there,

But I eventually opened my eyes

It appears I had slept off

I was still on my reading table withh pen in hand

But it'll seem my head was still blank and I didn't know what to write

It was 2;57 and still blank in my head

So I decided to tell you my dream

- CeeJhay

(2) Comments

(2) Comments

By Temitope 2024-07-04

This is really nice


By Kiki_striking 2024-07-04

Beautiful, lost my pen, lost my sight


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