Christmas is a truly magical time of the year that comes with lots of cheers, laughter,parties, gifts exchange and sometimes even the beautiful merging of 2 hearts as was the case with Nneamaka and Buchi.

The lovers path crossed at a Christmas party in their hometown. Now, even though the pair vibed almost instantly, things did not immediately take off until another Christmas! If this were a romcom, wed probably title it A Tale of 2 Christmases or something similarly cheesy. Well, today, were celebrating a love and bond so deep and taking in all the beauty of the #ONForever pre-wedding shoots.

Enjoy the lovely photos from their pre-wedding shoot below and enjoy their love story just how Buchi tells it below.

How We Met
By the Groom-to-be, Buchi:

Our love story began in 2017 at a house party during the Christmas season in our hometown. She was chilling with her cousins, dazzling in her own right, drop-dead gorgeous. I knew I had to make a move but I hesitated and my friend beat me to it. He made the first move to her and found out they were somehow related. What a bummer! better luck next time I guess. My untangled self in all my glory entered the conversation hoping to have the best luck.

After some cheeky back and forth banter, the vibe was good, numbers were exchanged. The young lady took a minimum of 2 weeks to reply to calls or messages and thats on a good day. Lord knows how long it would take on a bad day. We lived in different cities, so there was that too. The conversations were off and on but man didnt give up quick the goal was set! In a spectacular turn of events, she called me towards the end of 2018 asking if I would be in town for Christmas.

Fast forward to Christmas eve and our first date took place exactly a year after we met. At that moment, everything changed. It was perfect. Come 2019, Nneamaka moved to Abuja for NYSC and I relocated to the state for work about the same time. I wondered to myself, Is God trying to tell his boy something . Because the Universe was finally conspiring to work things in my favour. Your boy was finally taking a win. Buchi -1, long-distance 0! We got along really well. The more time we spent, talked and shared experiences, the deeper our connection got. It was beautiful. Therein I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this woman.

The engagement didnt come as a surprise cause we already knew we #ONFOREVER. I had just locked the most amazing woman in the world. To say Im the luckiest man in the world is a mere understatement. The best love they say is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to the mind. I can say, Im truly blessed and cant wait to celebrate our union with all our favourites people.

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